A border case- a multipage book where the info about page number pointing to page 1 in pdf reader

edited July 12, 2023
I added this book (acccessible for free as educational material) to my library
https://www.hhmi.org/sites/default/files/Educational Materials/Lab Management/Making the Right Moves/moves2.pdf

Zotero PDF reader is always showing the page 1 as the page number, and every annotation is pointing to page 1, even if the annotation correctly hyperlink to specific page
For example every page I will go there will be info in the Zotero pdf reader "1 (correct page number of 257)", where the correct page is the correct page number;

This is happening both for Zotero 6 and Zotero 7; there is high chance that this is caused by improper pdf metadata and the issue itself is not critical for me, but I am posting here if there is a chance that there might be some workaround or fix for zotero
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