Area in PDF Cannot be Resized Below 60x60 Pixels

edited July 12, 2023

I just noticed this behavior, sorry if it by design. I couldn't find an answer to this in the Forums

How to reproduce
1. Select a tiny Area in any pdf file, either a square or a rectangle
2. Resize this area through it's diagonal. It will automatically resize to a square, with a default size (60 x 60 px as I can see)
3. There is no way to make this area smaller, as it was in 1.
4. More generally, any existing area cannot be resized to have a width/height smaller than 60 px

I would like to be able to resize areas below 60x60 px if possible.

Zotero 6 and 7 Beta
MacOS and Ubuntu
  • Could you tell more about your use case? Why do you need that small area?

    It would become very large and blurry in the sidebar.
  • edited July 12, 2023
    I edited my reply.

    I don't necessarily need to extract the image. In my case, it is really more a highlighter, a marker. And I prefer to have the line as close as possible to the equation I highlight. But I would understand it doesn't make sense in terms of image resolution.
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