Edit Citation no longer working in Footnotes Trunk 2.0b7 r5581

I can no longer edit footnote citations with new trunk version. In-line citations are still editable. Efforts to edit footnotes produce a warning: "You must Place the Cursor in a Zotero Citation to Edit it". I notice this problem was cited by a number of folks a few months back, but this seems to have crept up again.

Thanks in advance.
  • I confirm this problem as of 2.0rc5. A solution would be much appreciated.
  • which word processor/OS and plugin version?
  • Windows Vista, Microsoft Office Word 2007 German. I don't know where to check the Word plugin version, but I installed what was the latest version in December 2009.
  • I have the same issue.

    Zotero 2.0rc5, Microsoft Office Word 2007 (English), Windows 7.

    This only occurs when Zotero itself created all the footnotes/endnotes in which the citations appear in your document.

    WORKAROUND: Add your own footnote to your document, and use Zotero to insert a citation within it. Now all the other citations in the document can be edited normally.
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