Zotero 7 Beta - list numbering in notes

edited July 7, 2023
I'm enjoying the beta a lot!

One issue I have noticed and am not sure if it is a permanent change concerns how lists are numbered in Notes.

Previously, indenting (using tabs) re-started the numbering, whereas now the numbering just continues independent of levels of indenting. Although I would prefer a proper multi-level numbered list, the old approach of re-starting the numbering was manageable, whereas continuous numbering makes using long lists more difficult.

It's probably clear what I mean, but to be overly clear:

Zotero 6:

1. text
{Tab}1. text
{Tab}2. text
2. text
{Tab}1. text
{Tab}2. text

Zotero 7 beta:

1. text
{Tab}2. text
{Tab}3. text
4. text
{Tab}5. text
{Tab}6. text

  • Markdown editors appear to struggle with this in general, but I do think the new behavior is odd/inconsistent, especially because the HTML export actually does show nested lists (identically for ol and ul), so it's not like the editor isn't aware of the intention here.

  • Yes, when I insert the Note into Word, I can convert it into a multi-level numbered list without a problem.
  • Yes, that's a bug, of course. We'll fix — thanks.
  • (And I believe existing notes should be corrected automatically when this is fixed. This is just visual — if you open the same note in Zotero 6, it's correct.)
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