Google Docs stuck on updating

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  • Hello,

    i also have a problem with my citations that doesn't want to update anymore. Stuck on updating.
    The steps I took :
    1. Opened Zotero desktop application
    2. Opened a google doc using the same email login as Zotero
    3. Placed cursor where I want citation to be added
    4. Clicked “Zotero” in the google docs menu bar
    5. Selected Add/Edit citation
    6. Selected the book
    7. clicked enter

    My zotero version is the latest. My zotero connector version is 5.0.110.
    What shall i do to get my citations updating ? Thank you.
  • Please always create a new thread for your problem unless you are sure what you are experiencing is identical.

    Do you see this in a new document? If you don't, see Troubleshooting Errors in Word Processor Documents, if you do, try to disable all other extensions in your browser, refresh the Google Docs page and try again.
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