Zotero search shows only some entries under “Notes”

Hi. I’m noticing what seems to be a bug in the Zotero app on my iPhone. I’ve created some keywords in the “Notes” section of my bibliographic entries.

I noticed that I’m able to search for only some of these entries. Eg when I type entry “X” in the search box it throws up all the relevant references. But when I type in “Y” I fails to show the relevant references. Of course, when I go and manually check an entry that has “Y” listed under the notes section, all looks okay.

So, I’m not sure why the search field shows only some entries but not all.

This issue comes up only on the phone and all looks fine with Zotero on my 2017 MacBook Air.

I’m running iOS 16.4.1 (a) on an iPhone 12. Zotero is updated to the latest version.

  • Can you provide specific examples? I'm assuming you don't mean literally "X" and "Y".
  • Sure. Say:
    Entry 1 under Notes is "Unit."
    Entry 2 is "Country."
    Entry 3 is a phrase "The party goes on."
    When I type "Unit" in the search field on the phone app, it shows me the relevant bibliographic entries.
    But, it doesn't work with "Country" and I see a blank.
    Neither does it work with entry 3 "The party goes on," and again I see a blank.
    Does that help?
  • We just don't actually search on notes at all currently on iOS. We do match on the first line of standalone notes, but that's it. We'll look into supporting note search in a future version.
  • Oh, I see. I think then this means that the results are coming up because the keywords I put in appear in the name of the entries.
    Anyway, thanks for the clarifications.
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