No accessed date printing for citations created by one team member?

So this is weird. I provide Zotero citation support for the firm I work for. One of my colleagues reached out because the accessed dates are not appearing in the bibliography when Zotero generates it. The thing is, they don't appear for me either when they do for other citations. It's JUST the ones that one person created that accessed dates are not appearing for even though they are there in the item record. What could be causing this?
  • Which citation style? Could you paste a couple of examples of citations that do and don't appear with access date here?
  • CMOS author-date

    City of San Pablo. 2018. “City of San Pablo Zoning Map.”

    That one has an accessed date but it doesn't include that when I generate a bibliography from the item.
  • Oh wow okay I just discovered the issue. If you have a publication date in the record, it doesn't include the accessed date in the bibliography! I get it now. Thank you.
  • that's specific to the Chicago (and APA) styles, which generally discourage access dates
  • There's a bit of a debate around accessed dates, it seems. We use them for things like online mapping and data tools as well as dynamic web pages that may be updated later, but not for things like reports and journal articles.

    I was just failing to realize my colleague had put in a publication date as well as an accessed date for static maps, and Zotero won't print both in the bibliography, which is totally fine.
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