Losing fields when importing into Endnote

Hi all,

Yes I agree that Zotero is superior to Endnote. I am trying to get my organisation to migrate to Zotero, but in the meantime we are using Endnote. My original idea was to export from Zotero back to Endnote only for the purposes of generating bibliographies. However, I have encountered the following problem which doesn't appear to be on the forums. When I import cases into Endnote by RIS, I don't get the reporter or reporter volume field. When I import cases into Endnote by Refer/BibX, I get it but the URL migrates into the page field of Endnote.

So either I end up with no case citation apart from the year, or I end up with the case citation but a %U and then a URL added into the page reference. I work at a legal organisation so this is a big issue. Does anyone have any ideas?
  • first check the .ris output file (the file that zotero exports and that you then import into endnote). Open it with a text editor. if the data you are missing appear there, you only have to fix the RIS-endnote-import filter. Which is fairly easy and if you do not know how to do it, check endnote documentation or report back here. if the data are not in the RIS-export file, the zotero-RIS-style would have to be changed, which should be done by somebody who works on translators.
  • Reporter Volume is exported in RIS as VL and Refer as %V. Reporter is not exported in either, as far as I can seeā€”not sure how Refer would be working for you.

    If you want that field imported into EndNote without modifying the import filters, you'd have to check whether EndNote exports Reporter into RIS or Refer itself and, if so, what fields it uses.
  • Thanks for the comments. I have looked at the Endnote import filters now, which has been helpful, but the field Reporter does not appear in either. As a workaround I have been using putting reporter titles into Reporter Volume as well, which solves the citation issue but is inelegant.
    We have Endnote set up so that the 'series' field works as the reporter field. When I export from Endnote into Refer, the series is tagged as %A; and when I export into RIS, the series field is tagged as CY. Does that help, Dan?
  • I am having the same problem losing the editor field (in books & book chapters) when I import into Endnote from Zotero. It seems strange to me though that I only see a field for 'series editor' in Endnote and not 'editor'. Is this something I have to add in an import filter? Or am I overlooking something? Any suggestions?
  • Any news in this regard? Having the same issue with Endnote X4. So far deleting the unnecessary URL's manually, but this is no long-term solution, of course.
  • You need to modify Endnote's import filter. Zotero is exporting valid and standard RIS-- consult an Endnote support group for info on fixing Endnote.
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