workflow to search in my library while being within a collection

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I frequently encounter the situation where I'm navigating into a collection before I save a paper from the browser. Sometimes I'm not sure if I already have this paper somewhere else in my library. To search for the paper in my library, I have to leave the collection and go into my library so I can search in the entire library. By that, however, the focus on the 'goal collection' gets lost, and so if I found the paper, I have to navigate through the tree of collections again to then move it to that collection.

Is there a workflow todo this more easily ?

Advanced search can look in the entire library while the focus remains in a sub collection. However items from the search list can not be moved by drag and drop to a collection.
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    One workflow that 'kind of' does that is the Related tab, in whatever item you currently have selected. You can use the window that opens when you click Add as a lookup function for your whole library/collections. When you then click Cancel, you haven't moved from where you were.

    I use that a lot in the PDF reader, when I see a reference cited in the paper I'm reading and want to look up if I already have it.
  • Nice, that's an easier way of finding out if an item is already in the library. Thank you!

    But as with the advanced search results, apparently you can't drag-and-drop an item from the Related tab's search results to a collection.

    That's part of what I'm looking for: if an item is in the library but not part of the collection that it should be in, I'd like to be able to drag-and-drop it there. Without having to leave and re-find that sub-collection.

  • @fschuman : It is possible to use advanced search for whole library and you can drag and drop items from search to the current collection (left side tree view of collection folders and subfolders).. Please try again to make sure. Best regards
  • You are right - thank you. It appears when I tested, I tried to move an item from the advanced search results to a collection where it already existed. What are the chances. Sorry for the confusion, and thanks again.
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