Backward compatibility of addons updated for Zotero v7 beta ?

I am noticing that addon developers are starting to release versions described as compatible with the Zotero 7 beta.

However most of us are still using Zotero 6. Given the significant changes that I understand are required to make (all ? / most ?) addons v7 compatible, does an addon updated for v7 automatically retain compatibility with v6 ? Or does the developer have to do some things explicitly to maintain that backward compatibility with v6 ?
  • It depends.
    The source code of each plugin declares a minimal and a maximal version of Zotero, and the plugin will only work within this version range. Beyond this, each plugin might use functionalities that v7 no longer supports (or supports in a different way).
    - some plugins will work without any extra trouble;
    - some plugins require a very simple change (updating the maximum Zotero version);
    - some plugins will require more work to become v7-compatible (and possibly lose v6 compatibility).
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