Open Office integration continued

Stated a new thread here since this one was closed:

I did everything as described in this thread and still get the same errormessage from firefox when trying to quote something in openoffice.

/usr/lib/ure/share/java/ contains:
java_uno.jar juh.jar jurt.jar ridl.jar unoloader.jar

ls -l ./ridl.jar gives:
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 255568 2009-10-01 08:31 ridl.jar

/usr/share/java/openoffice/ doesnt exist.

I'm running OO 2.4.1 on ubuntu if thats of any help..

Thanks in advance for any advice :)
  • my guess would be that you'll do better with an upgraded Ooo. Any reason not to? The last Ubuntu LTS came with 3.1, didn't it?
  • Since I got an Asus Eee I used a modified distro of Ubuntu 8.04 that was easy to install and kept all the extras working (SD-reader, mic, webcam etc.).

    Unless someone has a better solution I think I'll find a newer version of Ubuntu with eee controls and install that instead.

    I was considering a manual install of Ooo (using this: ) and keeping my current ubuntu-version but it seems unreliable and the risk of being forced into a clean reinstall seems pretty big..
  • If your 8.04 works well for you I'd install the Ooo manually - the reinstall risk as I see it is limited to Ooo and there you can just reinstall using synaptics.
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