Deleted Items Not Removed After Sync

I created an item with two large file attachments, then I deleted both attached files from my library. After syncing, however, those files remain in my zotero library as viewed on the web site and I can see (since they are very large) that they are still being counted in my file quota. Any ideas?

(If zotero developers want to take a look, the item in question--at least, the one I know about--is: and we're talking about the two large video files.)
  • (Also seeing this problem with this item: )
  • The items don't appear to be deleted (or trashed) on the server.

    Are you sure the sync went through?
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    If I click the green arrow icon right now spins and then it doesn't send anything new, I get no errors, and I get a "Last Sync: 3 seconds ago" when I hover it afterward. Since deleting the files in question I have added other items and seen them sync, so I assume that zotero thinks it's been synced...

    Is there some other way to check?
  • Just to be sure, you deleted the attachment items and then emptied the trash, right? You didn't just delete the files on the disk?

    If you think there's something wrong with syncing, delete another attachment and generate a Debug ID for the next sync attempt.
  • Ah-ha! I didn't realize that Zotero had its own Trash hiding there below the list of my collections! That did the trick. :)
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