Citations saved from Google Scholar do not include DOI

Hi guys,

The APA 6th edition now requires the DOI (if assigned) for journal articles/periodicals, whereas DOI's were not required in APA 5th. I've just been checking my reference list for my thesis and realised I have precious few DOI's saved.

The issue seems to be that when a citation is saved directly from a source cite such as Wiley Interscience, the citation DOI is saved (if available), but if the citation is saved from Google Scholar a DOI is not provided. (And I've mostly used Google Scholar to save citation data, unfortunately)

If anyone has any suggestions about how to reasonably quickly obtain DOI's for my big list of references, that'd be great - otherwise maybe it'd be a good idea to make APA users aware that they are probably better off saving citation data directly from source databases s/a Interscience rather than from Google Scholar?

Apologies if this is addressed elsewhere.
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    I don't think you'll get around looking this up individually, probably most quickly on Crossref

    I'm not sure where/how we would tell people about which data sources to use - I don't think anyone knows how many people use any of the documentation and which ones. Generally, google scholar is a pretty poor source of citation data, not just for APA, I'd always suggest going with the publisher if at all possible - but again, how to tell people, I don't know.

    Edit: oh, wait, this may actually help:
  • Hi Adam, the simple text query on crossref works great! I'm guessing there probably isn't any easy way to bulk import the crossref doi results into my Zot database, so will probably just manually update my reference list using the crossref doi's - still much quicker than searching individually. Thanks!
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