Run-time error 6 - Zotero missing in Word toolbar (Mac)

Hi there! I am currently working on my thesis and I have run into a problem. Every time I open the document (I am using Word 2021) the error "run time error 6 - overflow" appears. I have been ignoring this for a few weeks as I don't understand what it means and everything seemed to work just fine. Now I am in need to cite sources again and I found this error to be related to Zotero: it disappeared from the toolbar.

If I open a blanc document, the error doesn't show and Zotero works fine.

I have spent all day trying to fix this. I've reinstalled both Zotero and the Microsoft package multiple times. I deleted the Zotero.dotm file and reinstated it. I copied my thesis into a new document. Now, I finally reset my Mac and deleted all data. I have just now reinstalled Word and Zotero, opened my thesis and the error pops up right again and I have no access to the Word plugin.

There seemed to be similar issues back in 2009, but since then I found no information in the forum. Can anyone help me?
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