Drag and drop from different instance makes attachment from a random entry get moved in the target

I am working with two standalone Zotero (v6.0.13) processes, each with its own profile, in order to set up a new profile for me and try move some stuff from the old one. I am using the command line options "-P -no-remote", as advised in the multiple instances documentation on this website.

The set up is like this:

Instance X: old profile, has item (a) in folder (p). This item (a), incidentally, does not have an attachment.

Instance Y: new profile, has folder (q), and I want to move (X/p/a) there. Also unrelatedly there's some item (z) in a folder (j).

When I drag and drop X/p/a into Y/q, the attachment of Y/j/z is detached and is moved to Y/q.

I searched the forum and apparently this sort of drag and drop isn't supported, which is fine. But this is a very obscure and destructive way for it to fail because the attachment is *detached* from the original item and there's no way to know from where it came, which could result in the attachment getting lost, potentially.

I suggest that Zotero should report an error or just reject any drag and drop that might result in something like this.

As a side note, interestingly, dragging and dropping files with no parent metadata between the two processes worked fine, which was what encouraged me to try moving X/p/a in the first place like that, with drag and drop.
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