Can't find annotations in a certain file

All annotations under a certain file are gone, and I couldn't find them in the trash. The annotations under other files are fine.
How could I get them back?
  • What's the URL of the parent item in your online library?

    Are you referring to Zotero notes or to PDF annotations?

    If the latter, did you make them in the Zotero reader or in an external PDF reader?

    Are you looking on the computer where you added the or on a different computer?
  • I make PDF in the Zetero's defined file, as I drag the PDF into the list, the Zetero will automatedly save it in the file. And I look them on the same computer I added and looked at before.
  • Good news! I solve that. Turns out the old versions are in there too and I opened the old one.
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