Changing reference styles in the same document

Hello everyone.

I would like to have your light on a concern. I am writing a thesis where the references used in the articles are undercover.

But in the thesis report, I am using the APA reference style.

Here are the two concerns I have:

- How can I use different reference styles in the same document, i.e. APA in the introduction, generality, methods and discussion sections, and the Vancouvert style for the results articles?

- How to avoid block numbering, given that the article references are independent of the thesis references.

Thank you
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    You can't have two different styles in one document. You'd need to separate those chapters into different documents and then merge them upon submission.
    That means, make copies of the documents, then unlink the citations (irreversible!!) And then paste the documents together.

    From what you write it seems like you are writing a thesis consisting of published papers. I assume you have them as .pdfs already?
    Why not write your other documents, save a .pdf and then combine them?
  • Thank you for your reply.

    In terms of results, I have two draft articles that are not yet published. But they are under review by the journals. I only have the word version of these draft articles.

    I'll try your first option. Or maybe I can convert the draft articles to pdf and insert them (wouldn't that be cool).

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