Database upgrade error

I'm experiencing a problem with running Zotero. An error message appears when I want to start using it. It has never showed before (been using Zotero for 4 years now). I couldn't find a solution on my own. Could you please help me?

Here's the message I get:

Database upgrade error

Error: Error(s) encountered during statement execution: unable to open database file [QUERY: DELETE FROM itemTypesCombined] [PARAMS: ] [ERROR: unable to open database file]
From previous event:
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    You've been using Zotero for 4 years on this same computer? Or have you moved your data from another computer?

    Do you have Zotero data directory in the default location, or have you moved it?

    This is usually caused by either incorrect permissions on the data directory after moving files from another computer or by trying to use Zotero on some sort of external drive or network drive that doesn't behave properly like a normal disk.
  • dear, thanks for your reply. Since 2 years, I've stored Zotero's library files on an external drive. Sometimes I had to remind Zotero that the data was stored there and not in the default folder created in the computer, but that was easy. This time I cannot even start running the app. How can I solve this?
  • Sorry, I've restarted the computer and it all works fine now. Thanks!
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