It is possible to have main PDF storage exist on iPad?

Hi there,

I am currently using Zotero on my Macbook Pro and iPad, with the PDF storage existing on my computer. Is there a way to have this storage exist on my iPad instead? I have a lot more space on that device! Thank you.
  • If you're using Zotero Storage then all of your files are stored online. Whether the files are also stored on any given device is another matter.

    The iOS app currently only supports on-demand downloading.

    The desktop app can be set to download files "as needed", and a future version will make it possible to configure how long to keep local copies of files in order to preserve disk space. In the meantime, if you're sure that a file has been uploaded (i.e., you can access it from the online library), you could do Show File on a large PDF and delete it, but you may want to just wait for the upcoming feature, which will make sure that files have been uploaded before removing local copies.
  • @dstillman Great to know, thank you for your help!
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