Will the Zotero Android app run on an e-ink device with Android 11 like the Boox Note Air 2 plus?

edited June 17, 2023
First, thank you to all who have requested Zotero for Android and to the developer(s) actually realising it (:

Is it already possible to tell if the Zotero Android app can run on an e-ink device with Android 11 like the Boox Note Air 2 plus?

Knowing this would help me make a well-informed decision about investing in an e-ink device for my academic workflow.

I consider buying an Air 2 Plus rather than the 13.3'' Tab X for mobility, and instead of the more powerful Ultra because of the price.

*I know I can use the Note Air 2 plus with Zotfile, but am concerned the Android app may make this plugin obsolete before the 'replacement date' of the Note Air 2 plus (which introduces additional work for updating the workflow or investing in a new device). Not sure if this is a valid concern, my technical knowledge on this topic is very limited.

Edit: noticed and deleted a second "?" in the title. One is enough (:
  • I assume that it would - the Note Air 2 Plus runs all my other Android apps no problem. (Just bought one myself and highly recommend!) Like you I'm anxiously awaiting the Android app - I've been using the iOS app on my iPad and if it turns out as nicely as that, it'll be a game changer - way better than Zotfile.
  • Super, thank you for the quick reply. I appreciate it!
  • i have boox na2+ and as long as the developer allows it, you can install any android app. of course the screen has to refresh etc. but it probably won't be an issue for zotero and article viewing.
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