Abstract field behavior seems backwards

The abstract field in the Zotero window seems to work backwards. When I am not clicked in it (i.e., clicked in another field, or in the reference list), it is expanded to display the entire abstract. When I click in it to edit, the field shrinks to 8 lines.

I thought this was so obvious I didn't need to report it, but it's been a year or so now. Or is it just me?

I'm using v. 6.0.26 on a Mac.
  • For me, also on a Mac, what mattered was clicking on the Abstract label to the left of the field. I'm now using the 7-beta and I don't think I've encountered this issue since the upgrade.
  • I just updated to the 7 beta, and behavior is the same.

    Clicking on the "Abstract" label doesn't fix it. It seems to alternate behavior between 2 states. In one, clicking and unclicking the abstract alternates between 1 and 8 lines of the abstract showing. In the second state, clicking/unclicking alternates between 8 lines and the full abstract, but it's still backwards (i.e., clicking to edit it shrinks, rather than expands the abstract).
  • There's nothing backwards here.

    Clicking the "Abstract" label toggles the non-editing mode between one line and the full abstract. It has no connection to editing mode.

    When you click a field, it switches to an editable textbox. For Abstract, that's set to 8 rows, regardless of the size of the contents and whether the field was collapsed or expanded in non-editing mode. We'll look into automatically adjusting the editable textbox to the contents, but that's not some universal principle — textboxes frequently don't resize as you type. (It's not the default way textboxes work.)
  • Thanks, that's clear. So it's a feature, not a bug.

    But IMHO, when one wants to really engage with the abstract, to read it or edit it, one would click in it, and wants to see as much of it as possible.

    So I would want edit mode to show the full abstract. I don't care if there is a toggle in non-edit mode, as long as I don't have to show the full abstract.
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