Synching with groups

I just set up a group. I moved a subset of my library to the group. Other people will now make changes to these items, add and annotate them, etc. I understand that the group library is separate from my library.

What happens when I drag the items back to my library? Do they become totally new entites? Do they synch with their old versions? If it is the former, this would make it hard to use groups because this would imply that I could have items either *only* at the group library or at my personal library, or otherwise end up with tons of versions of the same items.
  • I changed the tag of the item in the group and I try dragging it back to My Library. Nothing happens. Can't even drag it back. Does this mean that once in the group, the item is forever in the group and nowhere else?
  • Zotero tracks links between items in different libraries, but it doesn't yet allow transfer or merging of data between them. It's planned, though.
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