Feature request: More 'counts' displayed in Zotero

There many times when one wishes to know how many of certain things there are. For example, how many items there are in a collection, how many tags an item has, how many Related items it has, how many notes it has, how many annotations it has, etc.

How many notes an item has can at least be displayed as a column in the main view. And when one first clicks on a collection, the number of items it contains is shown in the right pane (but then that number is gone as soon as you click on an item).

But one has to click on the tags tab to know if an items has any tags at all. Same with the Related tab.

It would be great if each collection had its number of items displayed after its title in the left pane. Similarly, the Tags tab title could show how many tags an item has. And the Related tab's title could show the number of related items.

There could be a preference to turn all such counts ON/OFF.

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