feature request: "add item to collection" from a pdf viewer tab

Hi all,
here is a feature request, for a problem that I encounter increasingly, the more I use the brillant pdf viewer:
1. I open multiple pdf viewer tabs.
2. I start reading one of the pdfs, or, I return later to a pdf, and think this pdf should go into a specific sub-collection.
3. But in the main library viewer, I have moved to a different item in an entirely unrelated subcollection or I have even done a search query, with search results visible
4. If I now want to do step 3, I need to go to the main collection, find the item I want to move, and move it to the correct subcollection (which means I will lose the position where I previously was)

it would be much more convenient, if I am at step 2, that is, If I am reading a pdf in a specific pdf viewer tab, to be able to see whether and in which collections the pdf I am currently reading is in. And then second, there were the possibility, for example, to ctrl-click somewhere to bring up a menu: "add to subcollection", which would allow me to add the item I am reading to any collection I want.

I hope this makes sense
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    I agree. I too have often moved on to work in other collections when I come back to read a PDF loaded earlier. So the collection from which I originally loaded it from may be long forgotten. The right click 'Show in Library' doesn't help - it's really 'Show me the collection name' that would be needed (although I can see that would not be a good right click idea).

    So your suggestion goes to something I have long thought and others have asked for - a right Collections tab. Which would show all the collections that an item belongs to, with the collection where it was last selected from highlighted. And with an 'Add' button to add the item to one or more other collections as desired.

  • Having collections in the right pan similar to tags is a good idea. Currently we can make use of choosing the item from library and pressing ctrl to show the collections the item or file belongs to.
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    Yes, I should have said that unfortunately Ctrl just doesn't work well enough to show what collections items are in (and does not do all of what a Collections tab would). For example where an item is in multiple collections with some outside the displayed span of the collections list. Also the Ctrl button is flaky (Windows 10): sometimes it highlights on the first press, sometimes it doesn't; sometimes the highlight persists, sometimes it doesn't.
    And of course it doesn't work at all while in the PDF viewer, which is @migugg's issue.
  • Yes, @tim820 's suggestion sounds like the perfect way to solve this. Thanks for eleaborating
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