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ı useing zotero 7 beta. zotero don'tl oad not styles. There is a problem with clicking on blank information when manually entering article information. The data entry, which opens right after the click, closes after a few milliseconds and automatically adds a text to the attachment section. Unfortunately, when you click a few times in series, the zotero program does not respond again.
  • Not totally sure what you mean, but 1) you should resolve the sync error you're getting about a note being too long due to a pre–Zotero 6 embedded image and 2) you should test with all plugins disabled. If you're still having trouble after that, we'd want to see a Debug ID for Zotero startup through reproducing this, using the "Restart with Logging Enabled…" option.
  • zotero states that the notes are too long when syncing to their servers and asks me to shorten them.
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    zotero states that the notes are too long when syncing to their servers and asks me to shorten them.

    Actually, the note is not long. sometimes a note with 2 pictures. sometimes a translation of an article. (how big can it be?)

    the other 2 problems are styles not loading.

    Installed after uninstalling plugins. however, it is a difficult situation as it will be necessary to work with plugins in the future.

    The third problem is that when I want to manually enter the information of a publication, for example, when I click on the date field, the field allows typing, but when I press the first letter, it closes and automatically prints a text in the attachments section below.
  • The 4th problem is that there is a problem in importing bibliography into a word document.
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    Please don't start new threads for the same issue.

    I've merged your posts back into this thread.
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    @zmetedinler: The error is from an image (in copied HTML) that you added to a Zotero note before Zotero 6, when images in notes weren't supported. You'll need to remove the images or delete those notes and empty the trash. You can reinsert the images in Zotero 6, which supports embedded images in notes in another way.

    We'll help you with other problems once you've resolved the sync issue.
  • It is impossible for me to clean the pictures in a total of 25 thousand records. Quitting all my work and fixing the zotero is not a logical solution. I will wait for it to be fixed programmatically in the future.
  • It very likely won't be fixed.
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