Journal article title in Title Case

Hi. Can someone help me figure out why sometimes my journal article titles are correct and why sometimes thy are not? According to APA 7, they should be in Sentence case. However, about half the time they are in Title Case. Is there a way to correct it? Even when I copy-paste it into a word document, it will not allow me to change the style using formatting; I have to change each word manually.
  • There is a menu in the Toolbox of Green Frog, which can convert the Title case to sentence:
  • As explained on the linked page, there’s a built-in feature to do that. There’s no need for a plugin.
  • edited June 9, 2023
    The plugin could perform a batch conversion when multiple items are selected.
  • The built-in system is quick and allows you to edit so that the proper nouns are properly cased.

    I edit about 250 records downloaded from PubMed every day. Editing those items to assure accurate sentence case moves quickly. I want my records to be accurate. Batch editing cannot possibly result in accurate casing without further editing by hand. I'd rather look at the title, right click to convert to sentence case and immediately (while I remember to do it) fix the proper nouns , abbreviations, Genus species, and acronyms.

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