Will sticky note content be made searchable in the library?

I am new to Zotero, and only recently realised that the content of sticky notes is not searchable. I have ADHD which also means that the 'hidden' or less visible display elements are not functional for me - e.g. anything hidden behind a tab is not accessible - so I was using the sticky notes as a means of creating up-front and paragraph specific tags as well using them to make notes on my reading. Given the extensive search function in zotero I was very surprised the sticky notes are not searchable. On April 26th 2022 someone made the same comment, and was told that the sticky notes would be searchable in a future version. Is there any update on this? Thanks!
  • Annotations are searchable in All Fields & Tags and Everything modes — it will just match the parent attachments for now. A future version will make it possible to view the matching annotations in the items list.
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