Issues with citations for reports in APA 7 style


I'm currently using Zotero 6.0.26 along with the MS Word plugin for writing a dissertation. I have several reports published by public sectors organizations that I'm citing in my work, but the Zotero auto-generated in-text and bibliographic citations are consistently coming up wrong, as far as I can tell.

As an example, I'd like to cite the Scottish health survey. I created a parent entry in Zotero with the following information:
Item type: Report
Title: The Scottish Health Survey: 2021 edition
Institution: Scottish Government
Date: 2022

According to APA 7 style (, I believe the bibliographic citation should thus be:
Scottish Government. (2012). The Scottish Health Survey: 2021 edition.

However Zotero generates the citation as:
The Scottish Health Survey: 2021 edition. (2022). Scottish Government.

Likewise, in the in-text citation, I believe the report should be cited as (Scottish Government, 2022) because the report authors are not individually cited, thus the institution is listed as the report author; however, Zotero's plugin generates the citation as (The Scottish Health Survey: 2021 edition. , 2022).

This is a bit of a headache, as I've been using Zotero to organize my literature and generation my citations/bibliography, but now have to make a note to go in and fix the citation for any reports of this sort. Is there a way to update this within Zotero so that I don't have to fix it manually please? Am I perhaps entering the details into the wrong fields when I create the entry in Zotero? Any guidance would be a big help. Thank you!
  • Add the institution as a single field author (i.e. click on the white rectangle next to the author field, then paste/write "Scottish Government")
  • Ah yes, seems obvious now.. Thank you!
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