Zotero Institution data / statistics

One thing I really like about Zotero is its approach to privacy, but institutions often want some type of statistics to prove the value of things they pay for. If a university becomes a Zotero Institution subscriber, do they receive statistics on usage (number of accounts, number of references, storage quantity used, any other data)? If they do get data, is it anonymized, or would they see, for example, the list of email addresses using their account?

  • Each Zotero account belongs to the user that registered it, and is covered by our ToS and Privacy policy, even if it has storage supplemented by a Zotero Institution subscription. Users can bring Zotero accounts that they already had, as well as keep the Zotero account and their data after your subscription ends or they leave your institution.

    For Zotero Institution subscribers, we can periodically provide a count of active Zotero users covered by their subscription, but that's it.
  • Thanks so much for this info!
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