APA 7 Bibliography (Date, Month Day format)

Even though indicated, I noticed that the month and day are left out, and only the year is published when generating a bibliography. Any advice?
  • Depends on the item type. You'll get it for some item types, not for others. Is there a specific type you are concerned about?
  • Note that the APA manual generally only includes the year. Day and month are only added for some specific item types. The Zotero APA style carefully follows the manual rules about date formatting, so you can generally assume that if only the year is shown, that is correct APA style
  • Hello, I have a similar problem with the encyclopaedia style that is to be used for Wikipedia articles. According to the APA 7 manual, the entry should look like this: List of oldest companies. (2019, January 13). In Wikipedia. URL

    However, only the year is displayed: List of oldest companies. (2019). In Wikipedia. URL

    A fix via the extra field with the entry Issued: yyyy-mm-dd did not lead to success.

    Do you have a tip for this? So far, I have helped myself by editing the entry in the bibliography. However, this has the disadvantage that the entry is no longer synchronised.
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