[Bug 7 Beta] Safari Connector Suspect Force Restart then gone

edited June 1, 2023
Mac OS 13.4 (22F66)
Safari 16.5 (18615.

Understanding that the Safari Connector is bundled with zotero.app (no external/extra installation is required), I have been unable to use the connector with success since upgrading to Zotero 7. The connector does not show up in the Safari's menu anymore.

I tried re-enabling the connector in Safari, the Connector comes on for some seconds, attempted at reading the webpage then disappears. This process repeats for 3 times and then the icon disappears for good until I switch the connector off/on again.

During the blinking phase, the connector can perform some translation albeit imperfectly (couldn't detect the entry type (e.g. article/book) accurately and only save the new entry as webpage).

Is the connector too early to be used during the beta phase? In any case: the connector for firefox works!.

Many thanks
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