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Hello community,

I'm trying to cite a footnote that I find relevant in my work, but it seems that the Zotero extension for Word only allows me to add the author, date, and page. Is this a limitation of the citation style I have chosen or simply a limitation of the software?

I would prefer not to have to modify the citation generated by Zotero, for fear of compromising the integrity of my automated bibliography based on my citations.

I am using Zotero version 6.0.26 for Mac M1.
Citation style: ISO-690 (author-date, no abstract, Fran├žais)

I have also searched the forum discussions, but I have not found the relevant article, if it exists.

If someone could give me a lead, I would be very grateful.
  • I am not 100% sure what you want to achieve, but the style you are using is an in-text author-date style. So that doesn't generate footnotes.

    You can just make footnotes with the Word footnote feature.
    Those are also used by Zotero with footnotes styles.
  • As I understand, this is about *citing* a footnote. If you want both footnote and page, you'll need to use the suffix field. If you just want to cite a foonote, as in (Smith 1776, note 23), you can select "note" from the dropdown in the add citation dialog
  • Yes, I understand that it is possible. But is it possible to specify the page as well? (Silva, 2018, note 115, p. 122)
  • as I say -- if you want both footnote and page, you'll need to use the suffix field
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    Ok, I see. So I did the normal insertion like: author, date and page. Then I develop the menu and make these changes. Note = 115 and added on suffix:, p.112.
    To have : (Silva 2018, n. 122, p. 122)
    It is the correct move?
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    I think you mean the right thing, but note wouldn't be a prefix (that gets put before the citation, as in (see Silva, 2018). The note you'd add with the dropdown as a locator and then 115, and then p. 122 as a suffix, yes.
  • Thank you so much for your help! It will help to quote like I wish without having to retrospectively modify the citation generated by Zotero. I completely forgot to look at the documentation on Zotero. However, your explanation helped me to understand more clearly the instructions I would otherwise face.
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