Request: customise direct plain-text copying of pdf annotations

I love the new feature of being able to copy annotations directly from the pdf, including Links to that annotation and the item.
But I'd love to customise the format in a way, so that it would fit my pandoc style - i.e. I would need the citation to be in a specific format with a citekey and the page number that links back to the Zotero annotation. Doing this by hand for every annotation that I copy directly from the pdf is destructing the workflow quite a lot...
Hope that something like this could be possible!
  • The ability to create pandoc citations via Quick Copy is planned.
  • edited June 1, 2023
    thanks for the quick reply - still one more question:
    as far as I understood
    "Quick Copy" (citation I get when pressing cmd+shift+c)
    is still something else than
    "direct plain-text-copy" (if I copy an annotation directly from the pdf in Zotero with cmd+c - which I'd like to have in a format like "This is the annotation from the pdf" [@citekey,page](zotero://link-to-annotation))

    I can change the Quick Copy format in the preferences, but for the direct-plain-text-copy there are no settings available - or did I maybe get the concept wrong?
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