only day and month for a date?

Is it possible to have only the month and the day display in a style? In this particular case the year of a journal is displayed separately, so the format looks like this:

Julius Rühlmann, Die Kunst des Violinspiels. Eine historische Studie [Teil 7], in: AmZ, NF, [2. Ser.] 3 (1865), Nr. 42 vom 18. Oktober, S. 681–687.

I only see year-month-day, year-mohth and year as options, not month-day.
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    Yes, you can. We have a bunch of styles that need that.

    <date variable="issued">
    <date-part name="month" suffix=" "/>
    <date-part name="day"/>
  • This does not work in the visual editor I assume?
  • Yes, you can achieve that with the VisualEditor.
    Add a date, then remove the text/numeric and leave blank. Then add the two date-parts.
  • Thanks, that was it!
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