zotero ocr file size

Hi all zotero ocr users,

thanks to some great tutorials i managed to install zotero ocr. However, the output files of zotero ocr produce file sizes that massive, and that make using it pointless, since my hard disk would quickly be full (a book that was 14mb, became 295mb after OCR). I understand that OCR might increase filze size, but there are other OCR programs that manage file size much better.
Is there a way how to select output file size somewhere in zotero OCR?
thanks for help
  • There is an open issue: https://github.com/UB-Mannheim/zotero-ocr/issues/42. Not yet addressed
  • Ah, OK, great, thank you! It would be good if at least the github page (or better: the zotero plugins documentation page) contained a warning about this. Installing it took me a lot of work (because of the issues mentioned in various install tutorials), and now it is unusable for me. It would also be important to alert people to this, as some may not be aware of this issue, use ocr liberally and then suddenly realize that their harddisk is full.
    Will wait then for some kind of solution.
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