Zotero Won't Open to Page in PDF Expert


I have a problem trying to get Zotero links to open pdfs to specific pages in PDF Expert. I have tested the same link with Skim and it was able to jump to the page number. This was after a dialogue asking for permission to control Skim, which I don't think I was ever asked for in PDF expert.

Is there a way to resolve this?

Here is the link in question: zotero://open-pdf/library/items/L8SY4X5U?page=2

  • Works for me. Go to (assuming Ventura) System Settings → Privacy & Security → Accessibility and make sure Zotero has the permission enabled, and then go to Privacy & Security → Automation and make sure Zotero has Zotero has "System Events" enabled.
  • edited June 1, 2023
    If it's still not working, can you provide a Report ID after triggering this?
  • That did the trick! Thanks for the help. Everything is working now.
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