Journal abbreviation is missing in the bibliography

Hello, I am desperately trying to create my bibliography in Chicago Style 17, but the journal abbreviation is constantly missing when inserting the bibliogrophy in Word. Can anyone help?
  • Chicago Manual never uses journal abbreviations -- why do you want them?
  • Its a requirment of my university. In my previous exposee it was marked as missing and I lost points because of that. Therefore I am trying to find a way or a citation style that includes the abbreviation
  • What are your general requirements? Vancouver would be an obvious choice
  • These are the requirmenets:

    Monographs: Author (Year): (book) title, edition > 1st, place, publisher.
    - Essays: Author (year): Essay title, in: journal, year, issue . P. x-y.
    - Collective essay: Author (year), title, in: Mustermann, M. (ed.), name of collective work,
    Edition, place, publisher, p. x-y.
    →Note: the collective work in which the essay appears is not additionally noted on the bibliography!
    notated on the bibliography!

    thats why I am confused to find a proper citation style. And it needs to be in german.
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