Zotero not working

Whenever I try to import something to Zotero, it doesn't work. All it says is that Zotero isn't open and I should open it and try again. Zotero is open when I do this. Why is it not registering that? I'm on a chromebook. I also can't find the connector, even though I have downloaded it. When I go to the download page, it says that it is on my chromebook but I can't find it anywhere. What is going on? I'm spending more time trying to sort this out than I would just making up the bibliography by hand. I'm about to try another app
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    I also can't find the connector, even though I have downloaded it.
    Not sure what you mean by that. The Zotero Connector is the browser extension — it sounds like that's what you're using.

    When you say Zotero is open, do you mean that you have the actual Zotero desktop app running on your computer? Not the Zotero website?

    A Chromebook requires a much more complicated setup, and you might need to get someone to help you in person if you're having trouble, but these are the steps to follow:


    Assuming you do have the desktop app installed and open, you still may need to set up port forwarding as explained in the last step. Again, if you have an IT department, you may want to ask them for assistance following these steps.
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    Also note that, if you're just trying to make a bibliography, particularly on a Chromebook, you may want to just use ZoteroBib, which doesn't require installing anything.

    You can also use the Zotero web library on this site (which you can still save to using the Zotero Connector browser extension without using the desktop app).
  • I have installed zotero on my chromebook and it does occasionally work successfully. Just about 80% of the time it comes up with this message.
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