Zotero 7: Browser opening from Tools-> addons

edited May 26, 2023
Follow up from https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/comment/435563/#Comment_435563

Tools --> Add-ons
then click on any disabled add-on and click on the link to its repository

--> That opens a Zotero window with a browser opened to that URL

That's apparently not intentional?
  • Ah, thanks — so only for disabled plugins that include a homepage URL.

    No, not intentional, and I don't think it makes much sense to keep it. The browser window is largely broken (can't load arbitrary URLs, menu button doesn't work, no right-click menu), and most of the time a disabled plugin isn't going to just happen to have a compatible version available on its homepage that hasn't been made available via automatic update as it should be. (For Better Notes I think there's just a problem with the update URL.) So I think we can just open these in an external browser.

    (We'd still like to try to add support for one-click installation of Zotero plugins via the Connector, but that's another matter.)
  • Thanks @adamsmith for taking over. Exactly what I meant.

    I thought it was practical (and intentionally reduced in functionality) but as you say @dstillman it was probably only useful in this one case :)
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