Certain items on arXiv consistently fail in Connector

edited May 26, 2023
Hi friends. In general, I have no issues using the Connector add-on to add papers to my library. But I've identified two papers for which this process consistently fails (perhaps there are more):


In the case of these two papers, if I use the Firefox Connector, the "Saving to" pop-up remains open indefinitely, without displaying any additional information.

If I use the Chrome Connector, I get an unusual warning: "An error occurred saving with arXiv.org. Attempting to save using Embedded Metadata instead." Following this, the paper does appear in my library, but is classified as a "Web Page" (instead of the expected "Preprint"), and the "arXiv.org Snapshot" is not captured.

I found a workaround for the missing snapshot using another plug-in, which outputs an .HTML file. But after attaching the resultant snapshot and removing the ".html" extension from its title, it appears in my library with a plain white icon instead of the blueish icon displayed for Connector-generated snapshots (I suppose because snapshots are attachments, and my workaround yields a different type of attachment than the Connector does?)

Any guidance in resolving either the underlying problem with these papers, or the snapshot icon annoyance in my workaround, would be immensely appreciated.
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