BUG: not functioning on Linux Ubuntu 22.04

I have Ubuntu 22.04 with LibreOffice installed.
Pushing the button create citation creates a footnote with the next content "(citation)" - it is exactly what is there and nothing works more. I can't edit it, I can't make a sound citation (like (Smith, 2016)), I can't add any new citation.
I read your forums and you usually blame users that their Java is not working properly.
But good products work anyway, bad products never work :(
If you assume this as a constructive critics - OK, I am glad this will help to develop this product.
  • Most likely scenario here is just that the add citation dialog is hidden behind your LibreOffice window -- have you tried to alt+tab through your windows?

    (We don't blame users, we blame their Java installation, or, more specifically, LibreOffice's finnicky implementation of it, but what you're seeing wouldn't actually be a Java issues -- if you make it to (citation), Java is working fine)
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