Files in Zotero Desktop not syncing with Zotero account


My syncing icon says it's beem 17 hours since last syncing and if I press it to make it refresh and sync, nothing happens.

I remember the day before yesterday I had made some change in the inbuilt pdf reader of my desktop and it didn't change the file in my storage either.

Internet is functioning well and my storage has space as well. The account is set right in the preference panel.

The debug number is D1197634082, but I'm not sure I got it right. I also told the system to make the reconfiguration of syncing history and nothing changed.

In the web, it says the last syncing was made 7 mins ago, but file is not updated yet and the icons keeps saying it doesn't sync for 17 hours. Strangely, the updated file in the web doens't have the right modification date, but the file is correct.

Thank you.
  • I'm confused -- if the file on the web is correct, what actually isn't syncing?
  • Dear Adam,

    On the web it is correct, but the file in my desktop Zotero is not. And I can't make any notes in my pdf in the web, so I have to open it in the desktop Zotero to keep reading it.

    See it here:

    Thank you,

  • Ignore the various timestamps. They're complicated and e.g. annotating a PDF wouldn't actually change the file.
    Could you in very simple terms explain what specific information isn't syncing?

    Like: "I annotated a PDF on my desktop yesterday and the annotations aren't visible on the web" or "I uploaded a PDF on the web and can't open it in the desktop".
  • Hi Adam,

    I annotated a pdf in my mobile by downloading the file, saving it in the pdf cloud service and when opening the Zoo app, it asked me if I wanted to upload the changed document which I did. The file in the web was updated, I can see the notes I made in the mobile, but when I open it in the desktop Zotero in my Mac, the annotations are not there.

    thank you.
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