external pdf reader highlights not recognized in zotero

hi all,
making highlights on the pdfs via my onyx boox device. once i get the pdfs into zotero, the pen marks i've made show in zotero but the highlights are nowhere to be found. until recently the highlights would show, but would be locked. that's fine with me. but now i can no longer see them. i'm running linux and on two other pdf readers i can see the highlights. any ideas?
  • weirdly, if i don't use the zotero pdf reader (internal) I can extract the annotations VIA zotero's functionality and the highlights are extracted into a note. there's no way of changing the page numbers, however;
  • Could you send an example PDF file to support@zotero.org with a link to this thread?
  • It appears that the PDF viewer used to create the annotations has produced invalid data, causing the Zotero annotation importer to crash. However, other viewers are still capable of displaying these annotations. We will try to do that in the future as well.
  • I just encountered the exact same problem. I have all the annotations in a note, but cannot see the highlights in the text in the Zotero reader nor see the annotations of the left side of the Zotero reader.
    Has anything happened in this regard by chance? Or have you found a workaround @watdryhope?
  • @mlisker If you send the PDF file, we could investigate it.
  • I'm not sure who sent the files, but they have slightly invalid data (missing internal references). This might be related to Onyx. But we'll try to ignore this error and still allow to import annotations.
  • Hello! i currently have this error too!

    i',m using the Onyx Boox Note Air, and the behavior is the same
    1) i annotate using the device's pdf reader
    2) i import the pdf into my computer, where any reader can see the annotations
    3) i import the pdf into zotero
    4) when i open the pdf in zotero the annotations are missing, i can add annotations that zoreo sees but only those.

    oddly enough when the pdf is uploaded to the sync service i can see all the comments if i open the pdf in the Web Library
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