Modifing reference list

I have a little problem with bibliography list. I am using APA (no doi) and my university also wants that if there is more than 10 authors, in the bibliography I only present first 2 and the last one. Right now the no doi version does first 6 .... and then the last one.
How can I change it so it does it automatically?
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    "!!!" sounds very aggressive and will make it less likely that someone wants to spend time to help.

    You need to modify the citation style.
    Basic editing guidelines:
    The CSL specification which will tell you what to change:
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    Zotero uses CSL for creating the styles you use -- several (or maybe many) other bibliography management programs also use CSL. CSL is handled by a different separate entity from Zotero. CSL styles are developed/created by volunteers and not by Zotero staff. If the style is widely needed, such as for an academic journal, the volunteers will place your request in their queue and report when it is completed. Sometimes, volunteers will adapt an existing style to conform to a university-wide requirement. However, for those kinds of requests, (especially when for a single department or professor) those who have the need can usually find someone with the necessary skills to make the modifications. Some of the volunteers who read this forum will modify a style to fit your personal needs if you pay them for their time. I've modified simple styles to fit my personal needs and I've twice paid to have more complex styles modified. The price wasn't very dear.
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