Google Scholar with Mendeley Import Option - Very Helpful

I just thought I'd share that using "Mendeley Reference Manager" as an import option from Google Scholar has been a helpful work-around when getting errors with the Zotero Connector from a GS citation search result.
  • I'm not sure what you're referring to. Google Scholar has "BibTeX", "EndNote", "RefMan", and "RefWorks" export options. To export many items to Zotero and work around site access limits, you'd pick BibTeX or RefMan.
  • When importing there are two options. The prompt reads "Where do you want to import from"?
    The first option says "A file (BibTeX, RIS, Zotero RDF, etx.)"
    The second option says "Mendeley Reference Manager (online import)"
    I tried the second option today and found it helpful with a Google Scholar search result.
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    But that option doesn't have anything to do with Google Scholar? That imports from your Mendeley online library.

    Again, to import many items from Google Scholar, you would export from Google Scholar's "My Library" feature as BibTeX or RIS and then import that file into Zotero using the "A file (BibTeX, RIS, Zotero RDF, etc.)" option. This is explained on the Site Access Limits page.
  • When I used the Zotero Connector with Google Scholar there was an error after the first 10 or so. So, I used the Mendeley extension first to gather the Google Scholar results (in this case, 81), then imported to Zotero via "Mendeley Reference Manager (online import)" directly to the Zotero Library.
  • But as I've explained, all you need to do is export to BibTeX. There's no need to use some other tool, and there's no reason to think that's going to avoid site access limits any more than Zotero can.
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    If the Mendeley extension is avoiding throttling from Google for more pages of results, it may be delaying longer between requests for metadata for individual items. We can experiment with slowing down Zotero's requests. But that would be something to fix in Zotero, and the relevant feedback here would be to say that Mendeley's extension isn't seeing the same throttling for some reason. There's no reason anyone should have to install another program to save from Google Scholar.
  • I'm sorry, I'm a little confused. Is there a quick way to export a Google Scholar search result to BibTeX?
  • Sound's great! Any help with Zotero Connector with Google Scholar would be wonderful! Thanks very much for your feedback!
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    I'm sorry, I'm a little confused. Is there a quick way to export a Google Scholar search result to BibTeX?
    Yes, see the 2nd paragraph on
  • The problem I had with using the My Library in Google Scholar was that I had to select each article, one at a time. I needed all the results for a systematic review. In this case I had 81 from my search result, and was looking for an easier way to gather them, rather than clicking the save button for each of them.

    Unless I'm missing something, I don't know that Google Scholar allows for selecting more than one article at a time for saving to My Library.
  • That's fine, but then, as I say, the relevant feedback here would be that you're not seeing similar throttling in another tool, so that we can look into fixing this — not that people should need to use another tool to save from Google Scholar.
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