Repeating references in Word

Is there a way to quickly remove duplicated references within the Word plugin?

Either that or completely avoid them duplicating in the first place?

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  • "duplicated references within the Word plugin" doesn't sound like something normal. Could you explain what is happening in more details? Maybe at this point we don't need the full report as written here , but the "Provide Steps to Reproduce" section is a good way to describe what you are observing.
  • Apologies its an issue i am looking at for someone,

    They said that its duplicating sentences within the word document, they are having to manually go through and delete all the duplications.
  • Could you give an example -- I still don't understand what's actually duplicating a Zotero reference in the bibliography, a footnote? an in-text citation?
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    So the user is proof reading documents and noticed that text with in text citations were, duplicated, its not something that happens all the time, she said she closed the document and came back to it at a later date then noticed the duplications.

    Both text and citation duplicated

    Citation number will also change for the new citation,

    As its something the user noticed afterwards, were not sure on how it was happening.
  • So, are we talking (Smith 2023, Smith 2023) or (1)(1)? As I said, an example would really help
  • The user is trying to find an example for me, will post if they can find.
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