errors in highlighting text lines

The highlight function becomes very insensitive. Sometimes errors such as missing text and repeated highlighting may occur.
  • 1) Could you make a screenshot demonstrating the issue?
    2) Does it happen with all PDF files?
  • I also had this problem. It appears in all documents.
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    @ZhongNY: We need a screenshot. You can upload it somewhere and provide a link.
  • @dstillman: Sorry, I don't know where I can upload it. Let me describe for you carefully the problem I encountered. For example, I want to select a word, but I often cannot select it in its entirety; I may select the beginning of the next word or a part of that word. There are even times when I want to select words from this line, but it is words from another line that are highlighted. For example, I want to highlight "pomegranate" in the following sentence, but all I can actually highlight is "pomegrana" or "pomegranate st"

    Herein, inspired by pomegranate structure, we...
  • Do you see this with all plugins disabled?
    Sorry, I don't know where I can upload it.
    Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other free file-sharing site, or you can email it to with a link to this thread. We'd also want a link to the PDF (or the PDF itself via email).
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