how to find local storage location of an item

Is there a way to get the local storage folder for an item using the desktop Zotero app? As it is now, I have to go to the "storage" folder on my MacBook and look at the various recent folders listed there to figure it out. This can be complicated because the items in those folders often have cryptic alphanumeric names.
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    If you want the full path of a PDF attachment as text, the Zutilo addon can give you that.

    Edit: if you just want to go to the PDF in its folder, Show File (intrinsic Zotero function) will take you there ... as others have said below.
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    Ah, nice. I have Zutilo and never noticed the "Show file", or didn't realize what it was.

  • You don’t actually need Zotfile. There Show File option in the right click menu is part of Zotero itself
  • True. Thanks.
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