Can I code an exception for a specific citation format ?

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**Attention: my first language is French, so forgive my level of English. I'm also new at coding, so if some aspect of my post doesn't make sense, let me know.**

Hello !

Is it possible to code 2 types of <citation> OR <bibliography> format for the same type of document ?

For example : with the document type "book", I would like to create an exception for books that have one (or more) intellectual editor and that are published in several volumes.

It would be cited like this :

NAME, First name of the editor(s), eds. Title of the collective work, volume number: Title of the volume, edited by First name and surname of the editor. Place of publication, publisher, year of publication of the volume. Number of pages.

Every other books would be cited like this :

NAME, First Name. Title of the work. Place of publication, publisher, year. Number of pages.

The problem is that I cannot think of a way to code this exception (in the first exemple) without messing up the entire document type "book". And I don't see any other document type that I could adapt to work around this problem.

Thank you,
Gabriel F.
  • Feel free to write in French if that is easier, though we will probably respond in English

    This is possible using the “choose” element of CSL. Can you give a real example of the first format?

    Does this only apply to books with multiple volumes? Also, are you thinking of items like a multi-volume handbook with a lead editor and volume editors, or more like a book series with a series editor and editors for each entry in the series?
  • Hi @bwiernik,

    Thank you for your answer !

    Here's an example :
    LÉON, Pierre, dir. Histoire économique et sociale du monde, t.2 : Les hésitations de la croissance, 1580-1740, tome dirigé par Pierre Deyon et Jean Jacquart. Paris, Armand Colin, 1978. 608p.

    In this case, it is a multi-volume handbook with a lead editor and volume editors (like you said).
  • Thanks. One more question, are Deyon and Jacquart textual editors or also directeurs de la publication?
  • Very sorry for the answer delay ! They're only textual editors for the second volume.

    Do you think there's a way to code it ?
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