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Je voudrais vous signaler un style erroné.

  • could you say a bit more (French is fine) -- what's wrong with the style?
  • Hi,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    The style is not at all the style used by the journal Géographie et cultures. The person who created it made a mistake.

    Here is an example of the correct bibliography:
    DEWEY John, 1993, Logique : la théorie de l’enquête, Paris, Presses universitaires de France, 696 p.

    DOWLING Robyn, LLOYD Kate, SUCHET-PEARSON Sandra, 2017, « Qualitative methods II : ‘More-than-human’ methodologies and/in praxis », Progress in Human Geography, vol. 41, n° 6, p. 823-831.

    DEMEULENAERE Elise, 2017, « L’anthropologie au-delà de l’anthropos. Un récit par les marges de la discipline », in G. Blanc, E. Demeulenaere, et W. Feuerhahn, Humanités environnementales. Enquêtes et contre-enquêtes, Éditions de la Sorbonne, p. 43‑73.

    Instructions for authors are on this page:

    Thank you.
  • >>The style is not at all the style used by the journal Géographie et cultures. The person who created it made a mistake.

    The style was created in 2019 and last modified in 2021.
    Journals change styles. If noone tell us we cannot fix it.

    Please note that the original style was created, probably, by a random user who needed the style. The whole CSL team consists of volunteers who make these styles out of free will and for the greater good of the academic community.

  • Hi,
    The style of the journal Géogrpahie et cultures hasn't changed since at least 2013. I know this because I've been the journal's editorial secretary since then.
    Could you help by telling me how to remove the wrong style or correct it?
    Thank you!
  • We can fix it the style rather than removing it. That should be in your interest as well.

    If you give me a list of the required changes, as well as a link to a freely available paper, I can look at this.
  • Thank you.

    Rather than list everything that needs to be changed.
    Instead, here's what's expected, you can see the recommendations to authors in French on this page :

    Appeal in the text (Dupont, 2006 ; Durand, 2004, p. xx).
    Book: NAME First name (in full), year, title of work, place, publisher, number of pages (xx p.).
    Chapter in a collective work: NAME First Name, year, « Title of the chapter », in First Name Last Name, Title of the work, place, publisher, pages (p. x-xx).
    Article: NAME First name, year, « Title of article », Name of journal, volume (vol.), number (n°), pages (p. x-xx).

    AGIER Michel, 2008, Esquisses d’une anthropologie de la ville : lieux, situations, mouvements, Louvain-la-Neuve, Academia-Bruylant, 158 p.
    TIZON Philippe, 1996, « Qu’est-ce que le territoire ? », in Guy Di Méo (dir.), Les territoires du quotidien, Paris, L’Harmattan, p. 17-34.
    MAYERFELD BELL Michael, 1997, « The ghost of place », Theory and Society, vol. 26, n° 6, p. 813-836.
    (The titles of the books and the titles of the journals are in italic style).

    Here is a link to an online article whose bibliography conforms to the journal's standards:

    Link to the journal online:

    You can see that this does not correspond at all to the style on Zotero.
    Thank you !

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    "does not correspond at all to the style on Zotero. " is just not correct.

    There are some errors, but that's all just minor ADAPTING the style, not making a new style. The grand majority is correct. You should be happy a user tried to make a style for your journal and made it available to the scientific community.

    We'll take care of the corrections.

    Current backlog:
  • edited yesterday at 10:11am
    Your guidelines are quite rudimentary only showing 3 examples and your published papers have a degree of variety in them. But I've made the style in line with what we saw.
    Please test the below style and let us know of any remaining issues in the form of a numbered list like such:

    1. type: book chapter
    Current output: example asdf...
    Wanted output: asdf example...
  • Hello,
    I've just run a few tests with the new version of the style.
    Everything seems to be working fine.
    I'll get back to you if I detect any problems.
    Thank you for your help.
    Best regards

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